Why I Love Artificial Christmas Trees

artificial Christmas treesAlthough real Christmas trees are great in other people’s homes, I really love my artificial Christmas tree, or fake tree as some prefer to call it.

Although my artificial tree takes up storage space when not in use, it is so easy to put up when the Christmas season comes around. Plus, there is little mess to clean up when Christmas has gone and we are into a new year.

I remember having a real tree one year that looked beautiful for Christmas Day. But, the next day we left home for 2 weeks holiday with no time to take the tree down before we left. Oh dear – it wasn’t pleasant on our return from the holiday as the tree was almost dead; there was an unpleasant odor and lots of pine needles to clean up.  Consequently, the choice from then on has been an artificial Christmas tree each year.

Decorating the Christmas tree has always been a great time of pleasure and excitement, especially when the children were young. The excitement of each child placing their favorite decorations on the tree was a special time in my life; watching the joy and excitement on their faces was wonderful.

It was a time when often the decorations didn’t quite match or fit with the theme of that particular year, but did that matter? Not in the slightest. As long as the children were happy with their contribution to the ‘magic’ of the special tree, I was happy too. I knew there would be years to come when the children had grown up and would probably not be around, or would be too busy to participate in decorating my Christmas tree.

These days, it’s about decorating the tree myself or with the help of my granddaughter, whose help I enjoy.

And talking about artificial Christmas trees, I’m in awe of the magnificently decorated Christmas trees that are to be seen in shopping malls. They really help to bring much joy to the Christmas Season.

Whether your choice of Christmas tree is a real one or an artificial tree it’s not all that important. The important thing is to have a wonderful Christmas with loved ones around you, and the things you treasure the most.

For now, it’s all about planning and preparation for Christmas Day, 2017.

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