Barbie Dream Horse & Doll – A Little Girl’s Dream

I am sure Barbie Dream Horse & Doll is not the dream of one little girl, but the dream of every little girl.

This toy is one that will give your child hours of fun imagining all the different things that Barbie and her Dream Horse can do together. It’s usual for children to love animals and the design of this toy set is perfect to help children extend their imagination and create their own way of playing and getting results from this horse. It really is a dream horse for young ones to enjoy to the fullest.

Wouldn’t you have loved it when you were a little child to have been given a gift of Barbie along with her Dream Horse. Toys such as these were certainly not around in my day. Now, with the amazing technology we have children are able to enjoy a range of exciting toys.

What Makes Barbie Dream Horse and Doll so Special

Barbie Dream Horse and Doll are particularly special because of the amazing way the horse responds to touch as well as sound.

Over the years Barbie has had a range of different horses but none have been interactive, as this one is. Dream horse is unique and doesn’t rely on being manipulated for movement.  Various sounds, touches and movements, along with buttons  cause this horse to be so very special to a child.

This horse can do a wide range of amazing things. For instance, she is activated by voice and if  asked a question such as ‘ do you love me’ she will answer Yes or No by head movement of either nodding or shaking from left to right.

Because the horse responds to sound she will walk towards the sound of voice. She will also walk to the sound of clicking of fingers.  Perhaps Mommy or Daddy can do the clicking of fingers.  How nice that would be to have family time with Dream horse.   Of course, this horse will now have  her own name, as your child will have had the fun of deciding on a name for her horse.  We know that ‘Barbie’ is an exquisitely special name and Dream horse needs to have a super special name to match.

Dream horse also responds to touch. When touched on her right side near the base of her neck, or shoulder area, she will walk in a 360 degrees circle going to the right.  She will do similar when touched on the left had side.

Another great thing about Barbie’s Dream horse is, this is one horse that truly loves carrots and will be happy to eat them whenever your child decides it’s meal time for her beloved horse.  Well, perhaps not every time your child wants Dream horse to eat because  she does have the option to know when too many meals are being offered!

Let’s Not Forget Barbie

Of course, with such emphasis on the horse, we must not over look Barbie who is dressed in the smartest of riding gear. She also has a helmet for safety when she is riding her horse.

Barbie Dream Horse comes with a lovely pink colored saddle, stirrups and pink reins to match. And, so that Barbie can sit safely in the saddle there is a waist clip for a child to easily secure Barbie in the saddle.

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For a gift to a fun loving child who idolizes animals, in particular horses, Barbie Dream Horse and Doll are the ideal gift to keep a child happy and amused for hours at a time.

And, I overlooked mentioning that Dream horse can play songs and he actually dances to those songs.

Another great thing is that the set comes with a brush so that Barbie can brush the horse’s long blonde mane, and also his long blonde tail.

There are so many things this horse can do. The main one is that Dream Horse and Barbie can add joy to the life of a child and give them hours of fun and provide creative activity that only a child can dream of.

Barbie Dream Horse and Doll is recommended for children over 3 years of age.


2 Responses to Barbie Dream Horse & Doll – A Little Girl’s Dream

  1. Dira November 25, 2017 at 12:32 pm #

    Reading this brings out some memories. I used to love barbies as a kid and I’m glad she is still around after so many years. I am impressed with this particular set. It is true, barbie had many horses over the years and it seems that each time they come more updated (like this one paying songs and dancing: how cool is that?). I am glad I came across your post because I started looking for Christmas gifts and this seems like a great option.

    • Valerie Joy November 26, 2017 at 1:34 am #

      Hi Dira
      I’m so pleased you enjoyed reading about Barbie and her new horse. Barbie certainly has been with us for many years and that says a lot for the barbie brand. She is an old timer who manages to keep a young appearance and continues to find new and interesting companions
      Enjoy your Christmas gift shopping.

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