Delightful Christmas Bells Tree Decorations

Christmas bells tree decorationsIf you love to use Christmas bells tree decorations each year it’s a good idea to check out last year’s decorations to make sure that those special bells are still in good order and that none have been broken while being stored throughout the year.

For me, the season of Christmas comes alive with the sound of bells, often heard within music at the start of the season, followed by Church bells ringing to herald services around the world on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The sound of Christmas bells ringing brings peace, joy and hope to those fortunate enough to experience such pleasure. I’m sure you must enjoy the Christmas bells as much as I do.

This year I have added some Snowflake decorations to this page. The look so pretty with their delicate designs of Waterford Crystal, along with the Gorham Sterling Silver Snowflake.

Wallace 2017 Silver Plate Grande BaroqueWallace 2017 Silver Plate Grande BaroqueWallace 2017 Silver Plated Sleigh BellWallace 2017 Silver Plated Sleigh BellTowle 2017 Silver Plate Pierced BellTowle 2017 Silver Plate Pierced Bell


Waterford Crystal 2017 Snowflake Wishes forWaterford Crystal 2017 Snowflake Wishes forGorham 2017 Sterling Silver Snowflake Ornament,Gorham 2017 Sterling Silver Snowflake Ornament,Waterford Annual Snowcrystal Pierced OrnamentWaterford Snowcrystal Pierced Ornament

I’ve always had a love of bells of all kinds – well especially softly ringing bells as opposed to the old school bell that used to sound out, for what seemed miles around, to announce that school assembly was starting and pity help those who were late!

The snowflakes are silent, of course, but they will make up for the loss of sounds with beautiful sparkles and reflections.

Getting back to delightful Christmas bells, there are so many ways we can enjoy them. For instance, bells on my Christmas tree are a ‘must have’ and although I may not get much sound from them, I like to sit and admire their beauty and the reflections in them of colors from other ornaments on the Christmas tree. I also like to include bells in my entrance door decoration. Of course those bells are small, usually gold or silver in color and I think they add a touch of elegance to the tree and door decorations.

Then there are the beautiful bell decorations or ornaments, such as those seen above, that can be hung on a wall, hung from the mantle above the fireplace, or anywhere that needs a little something to brighten it up for the Christmas season.

And last of all I’ve been trying to decide which of these bells I like the best.  Hmm…. it’s a hard decision because they’re all lovely.  I’m tempted by the Silver-Plated Sleigh Bell and no doubt that’s just because I love music, and this reminds me of Santa dashing through the snow, as the song Jingle Bells describes.

Enjoy your Christmas and have much fun.


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