Dog Toys for Small Dogs to Have Fun With

dog toys for small dogsDog toys for small dogs are gifts that I enjoy buying for a couple of my friends who each own a small dog. Unfortunately, I don’t have a small dog of my own right now, but I love little dogs and everything about them.

Little dogs are such great company, as are larger dogs too, but small dogs are cute and usually easier to manage than a larger dog. ‘Easier to manage’ may not be true with some small dogs, but being ‘cute’ is usually the case!

Anyway, whatever the size of the dog, most dogs love their toys and with Christmas fast approaching our doggy friends  need to be on the Christmas shopping list along with family and everyone else that we shop for. As it is with small children, our puppies and dogs provide lots of entertainment for us when they have a new, or favorite, toy.

Blueberry Pet Gift Toys for PuppiesBlueberry Gift Toys for PuppiesHide a Squirrel Fun Hide andHide a Squirrel
Fun Hide 
Multipet INTERNATIONAL 843140 Lambchop Plush SqueakMultipet Lambchop Plush Squeak

ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and SeekZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and SeekDog Toys 10 Pack Gift SetDog Toys 10 Pack Gift SetDog Durable Squeaky Plush ToyDog Durable Squeaky Plush Toy 

So, on browsing the internet today I found some dog toys for small dogs that I think would make nice gifts for our friends. Now I need to decide which two out of the six toys to choose. They are all so nice that it’s hard to decide; but choose two toys I must!

I’ve checked what others say about these toys and each one of the six are really popular and loved by those dogs who already are fortunate to have had someone kind enough to provide them with their fabulous toy.

However, the Blueberry Pet Toys for Dogs is a favorite toy with puppies. They really love it.  See Customer Reviews

The Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy is an educational toy for dogs and loved by many, but it does have some negative comments.  These can be viewed on amazon.   See Customer Reviews

The Lambchop Plush Squeak Toy has very positive reviews with comments such as the dog just loved it from the start.  Also the toy is washable and appears to be long lasting. This is a very popular toy for dogs.  See Customer Reviews

ZippyPaws Squeaky Hide and Seek  is a toy loved by most dogs fortunate to have one  See Customer Reviews

The Dog Toys 10 Pack Gift Set  is popular, comments on size and strength  See Customer Reviews

Dog Durable Squeaky Plush Toy is said to be well made, a very popular toy. See Customer Reviews

Benefit of Customer Reviews

Links to customer reviews are provided for each of these toys.  I believe having easy access to the reviews submitted by customers who have actually purchased these items, which are now being played with, are the best reference or review available.

I trust that this information is helpful for you when choosing your Christmas gifts.

Enjoy your shopping and have a wonderful Christmas.

2 Responses to Dog Toys for Small Dogs to Have Fun With

  1. Taetske Guillaume November 4, 2017 at 5:15 pm #

    Good afternoon,

    Christmas is around the corner so what better than a Christmas website to help and find some nice presents. These presents for small dogs are absolutely cute. I lost my heart to Zippy Paws Squeaky Hide and Seek. I bet my Cindy, who is a big Rottweiler Lady might also like it.
    Not only we humans should get a Christmas gift, our friends and companions also deserve one under the Christmas tree.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Valerie Joy November 4, 2017 at 11:27 pm #

      Hello Taetske.

      It certainly is true that we are now well into the time of preparation for Christmas. The weeks ahead are when much decision making will be done about best gifts for family and friends. With such a huge variety available it can be hard to make decisions on some gift giving. But when it comes to presents for dogs, one thing we can be sure of is our beloved pets will enjoy whatever we choose as long as it is well made and safe for however they want to play with it. I’m sure your beloved Cindy will have a grand time at Christmas playing with whatever toy you decide to give her.


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