furReal Roarin’ Tyler – The Playful Cuddly Tiger

furreal roarin tyler the playful cuddly tiger

Meet furReal Roarin Tyler the playful cuddly tiger who loves the company of children, and some adults too.

Have you ever known a child that doesn’t love soft cuddly toys, particularly animals such as Teddy Bears, Dogs, Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, and so the list goes on and on. Well, now there is furReal Roarin’ Tyler the playful cuddly tiger and he’s for children of four years and over.

This tiger is not only cuddly but he’s cute and has a gorgeous tail he uses almost continuously. To add to that he has a roar like a real tiger, and he uses his roar to let children know they are not the only ones who can make loud noises.

Tyler the tiger loves being mischievous and when he roars he will bow playfully just to let you know he really is kind and respectful! Tyler has his own toy that he likes to play with, and dare not take it away from him for fear of being loudly roared at.

Watch How Tyler Responds When Gentle with Him

Even though Tyler likes to use his roar, he also enjoys being a companion when it’s time for bed. He can lie down in bed, or sit up depending on how his legs are adjusted.



When being gentle with Tyler and patting him softly he will respond with soft sounds rather like purring. But there is no doubt he is a tiger when you see the way he moves his eyes, and makes a big roar. He will pose like a cat but rather than purr, Tyler gives a loud roar.

As it is with all furReal brand of pets, Tyler is appealing. There are others your child might enjoy which are:

I’m sure you know of children who have kept their cuddly toy animals even until they are quite grown up.

At a near to adult age we may not see their childhood toys.  But they will have a special place for them in their room, as well as in their hearts.

Memories from childhood are special for each person and as parents, it’s comforting to know we have provided our children with the best we possibly could.

Most children would be delighted to have cute furReal Roarin’ Tyler with his crazy actions to keep them company during their childhood. It is quite likely Tyler would be a favorite and be taken along by your child for company, wherever he or she goes.

A furReal animal toy will stand up to the rough and tumble play so many toys just can’t handle. There’s no problem with durability as the furReal animal toys are made with care and the intention of helping children to learn about animals and, at the same time to have fun with their beloved toy.

Something You Need to Know for Tyler’s Welfare

Tyler won’t eat you out of house and home. His appetite is small.

Rather than food for energy, Tyler prefers batteries.
He needs C batteries and 4 of them at one time.  The batteries do not come with Tyler.

How much exercise Tyler is expected to do will result in the life-time of his batteries.

Tigers are fun to play with because they are strong and enjoy lots of activity which is what Tyler the Tiger is about.

furReal toys are produced for children to play with, to love and create a special place in their heart from the pleasure of having and knowing animals.

Your child is sure to love the cuddly feeling and cuteness of a FurReal pet toy. Whether it’s furReal Roarin’ Tyler or a more demure toy such as StarLily, My Magical Unicorn children love to play and cuddle them

These are the kind of toys that will provide children with happiness and memories that last a lifetime.

I hope you enjoyed your introduction to Tyler the playful tiger, as well as some of his friends.



4 Responses to furReal Roarin’ Tyler – The Playful Cuddly Tiger

  1. Craig November 20, 2017 at 4:13 am #

    What an adorable little tiger, it looks like it would make a great gift for a kid of about five years old. Is that the right age range for this type of toy? I’m kind of kid illiterate myself, but my best friend’s second is just turning 5 in the next two weeks and I’ve been looking around for a good idea! If this isn’t the right fit for a five year old, any thoughts on good options?

    • Valerie Joy November 20, 2017 at 4:57 am #

      Hi Craig, I’m pleased you found Tyler the tiger. He certainly is an adorable little guy and he would make a wonderful gift for your friend’s five-year-old child. This playful and cuddly tiger is suitable for children 4 years onward. Something really good about this toy is that Tyler is loved by both boys and girls, as opposed to toys that are specifically for boys and those just for girls. So Craig, I believe you could not go wrong with giving Tyler the Tiger as a gift to a child that has reached the age of 4 years, or older.

  2. Stefan Vogt November 20, 2017 at 10:03 am #

    Hi Valerie
    I know my daughter would love this cute toy. I must not show it to her until I receive one for her at the end of the year. Thanks for the great tip.
    By the way, my girl is getting 8 next year, do you think she’s too old for the tiger?

    • Valerie Joy November 20, 2017 at 10:26 pm #

      Hi Stefan,
      Yes, Tyler the tiger is certainly a cute toy and loved by children of all ages. At 8 years of age your daughter is definitely not too old for this tiger. I’m sure she would love him now and for years to come. I’ve read where some older people love Tyler too!

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