Small Artificial Birds for Crafts & Decoration

small artificial birds for crafts For those who love doing craft work you might be interested in these delightful small artificial birds for crafts. They are so colorful and there are many items that small artificial birds can be used for.

For example, at Christmas time if you already have a small bird cage that needs to be ‘re-loved’ a small artificial bird could be placed in it and some Christmas holly entwined though the cage. You would then have a charming decoration with very little time spent making it and at a very small expense financially.

Small artificial birds can be placed on a Christmas tree, especially if the birds are colorful as they will add a special touch of color and interest to the decorations on the tree.

The three Touch of Nature birds on this page are my choice, but there are many other artificial birds to choose from in colors to suit your Christmas tree.

Small artificial birds to enhance your decor

Touch of Nature 1-Piece Mushroom/Feather AmericanTouch of Nature  Mushroom/Feather Touch of Nature 20553 American GoldfinchTouch of Nature American GoldfinchTouch of Nature 20557 Purple Finch, Touch of Nature Purple  Finch


Suggestions for using small artificial birds for decoration

  • To add interest to a small blank space in your home, choose 1 or 2 small artificial birds that have yellow and some white as their main colors.
    Place them on the side of a nest containing some artificial eggs. Then sit the nest on a small amount of artificial greenery.
    This makes an attractive ornament at little expense and it’s sure to be admired by your bird loving friends.
  • Make an arrangement using small branches among some greenery, add a few flowers, and place a small artificial bird on a branch.
    In fact 2 artificial birds could be on the branch keeping each other company.
    A birds nest could be placed between 2 branches if the arrangement allows.
    This makes a very attractive display and adds interest to your home at any time of the year.
  • As mentioned above –  don’t forget the Christmas Tree
    Placing small artificial birds on the branches of your Christmas tree will make the tree look really beautiful. After all, birds are at home in trees so why not give your small artificial birds the satisfaction of sitting on the branches of your beautifully decorated Christmas Tree!!

There are so many ways to make ornaments using small artificial birds on their own amongst floral arrangements, or with a nest and eggs.

Enjoy being creative with your small artificial bird decorations.

Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

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