The Joy of The Christmas Season – A Time to Treasure

Joy of the Christmas seasonThe joy of the Christmas season – a most wonderful time of the year. A time to enjoy being with family and close friends; a time for fun and laughter; a time for gift giving and receiving as well as a time to reflect on what Christmas is really about – ‘showing love for one another’!

With the hustle and bustle of preparing for the Christmas Day celebration it’s easy to add stress to one’s life about the choosing of gifts, and consequently overlooking the joy of the Christmas season– Will the gift be suitable for a particular person? Maybe more money should have been spent on this gift!!

In my opinion, the size and cost of a gift does not matter, it’s the thought that counts. We all like to be remembered but that doesn’t mean someone has to empty their wallet and Bank account to purchase the ‘right’ gift.

Music of the Christmas Season

Something that I really love during the Christmas season is the music we hear on our radios, televisions and while out shopping, especially in the large shopping malls.

The sound of the music sets the mood for Christmas shopping and I just simply love it.

I never get tired of Christmas music but, sadly, some people do. So often I have heard people complain that they are tired of hearing Christmas music. Hmm… how could that be; after all it’s only for so many weeks of the year. I’ve never stopped to count the number of weeks that Christmas music is played and, of course, why would I bother counting when I’m enjoying the music so much!

The Count Down to Santa’s Arrival

For almost everyone, hearing Christmas carols and songs brings back memories of Christmas times gone by and the experiences of childhood days. Those were the days when counting the number of sleeps before Santa’s visit was fun and filled with anticipation.

Oh, the excitement and wonder of what Santa would bring, and what to leave Santa to eat and drink. Would he like a slice of Christmas cake, an orange drink or maybe he would like milk? It couldn’t be warm milk though because everyone would be asleep and no-one awake to warm the milk for Santa. All I can say about that is – well, Santa has rules that anyone who dares to be awake when he comes down the chimney will miss out on finding any pressies in their stocking on Christmas morning. So, as Santa has those very strict rules, he has to put up with cold milk if a milk drink is his choice!!

And Talking About Music Again!

Getting back to music, the good thing about it is that Christmas music doesn’t follow fashion like other music does. Christmas music remains ‘good old fashioned music’. Almost everything else in this world follows fashion; fashions that come and go throughout the years and decades. Children’s toys follow fashions. There are even fashions for dog’s toys and clothing. Our houses, furniture and clothing, including shoes, handbags, dresses and all the other clothing items too numerous to name here, that we delight in wearing, or at least buying; they all follow fashion . So where is this leading to, you might ask?

It is leading to the fact that although music follows a fashion, Christmas music doesn’t change its fashion to any great extent.

Every year we hear the good old fashioned Christmas Carols such as Silent Night, Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly, Hark the Herald Angels Sing and many more good old familiar Carols. And of course Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the music of Jingle Bells.

Yes, we may hear different renditions of Christmas Carols and music like Jingle Bells but Christmas music remains recognizable, and don’t you just love that? I know that I do!!

I hope you will find some ideas on this website that will help you with your Christmas gift shopping and for those who are tired of Christmas music, I promise you that you can browse this site in silence and without the crowds you would experience in the shopping malls.

Have fun and enjoy your count down to Christmas Day.

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