Gorgeous Christmas Gifts For Bird Lovers

Gifts for Bird LoversI found these delightful bird houses on the internet and I thought that they would make great gifts for bird lovers. I know that bird lovers are just as passionate about their feathered friends as dog lovers are about their canine pets.

My Dad was a bird lover and so I grew up with all types of birds, for instance canaries, budgerigars, pigeons such as ‘homing pigeons’ and the ‘fancy pigeon’ variety. Of course, all these types of birds are kept in aviaries and pigeon lofts so they are quite restricted in their activity.

However, there are the lovely birds that visit gardens and nest in trees. It’s wonderful how they fend for themselves and I enjoy watching the parent birds gathering food to keep themselves and their young ones alive and healthy.

These are three selections from a wide range of Bird Houses available.  It depends on individual likes as well as having suitable places to hang Bird Houses.  I am sure there are people who may not be too keen about having a caged bird inside, but would enjoy the pleasures of providing a house outdoors for little birds who delight in flitting from tree to tree or among bushes within their garden.

I do believe that any decorative bird house makes a lovely gift for dear bird lover friends.  They can get pleasure from watching  the activity of sweet birds darting here and there and then back to their favorite little spot the garden, being one of these or a similar bird house.


Gingerbread Style Birdhouse Avian Bird HouseGingerbread Style Avian Bird HouseRivers Edge Products Log Cabin BirdhouseRivers Edge Log Cabin BirdhouseCartman Colored Country Cottages Bird HouseCartman Country Cottages Bird House


Now, what could be nicer than to provide a house for these feathered friends? I’m sure you will agree that they deserve somewhere to nest that gives them protection from wind, rain, and even sunshine in the heat of summer, or at least while they have their young with them.

So if you have a friend or family member who really loves birds and enjoys watching their antics, a great gift for them could be a novelty bird house. Just watch your friend’s reaction when they open the present they have received of a bird house. I’m sure they will be overjoyed.


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2 Responses to Gorgeous Christmas Gifts For Bird Lovers

  1. Taetske Guillaume November 5, 2017 at 8:19 am #

    Good Morning Valerie,

    I just had to come back to your website as it is such a sweet and nice one. it transmits the Christmas feeling so well and made me think of when I was a young girl living in Holland. I would go with my father to a special Christmas tree nursery and there you could choose the one you liked best. Then Papa had to dig it out and we would take it home. It would get into the living room on the 22nd for Mama to decorate. I still keep some of those Christmas decorations. Shortly after Christmas Papa would plant the tree in the garden. Over the years we got quite a collection of them.

    In this post, I see you have those grand birdhouses, one of them looks like a mansion. Papa would also make birdhouses but not as pretty as these here. The winters were sometimes really cold with lots of snow and then we had special food for our little friends. I would love to observe this when they would all come to eat. My Mother kept a record of the birds in our garden. She had a list of 40 regular birds and during the year would observe some 40 more species which were on their yearly emigration tour to a warmer climate. Nowadays one does not see so many birds anymore. Their environment has been taken away, nature has been poisoned and the ones flying thousands of miles encounter too many dangers on the way so they do not make it back.

    We do well in being nice to birds in our garden as they are an important link in nature. So giving them shelter and food when needed is a necessary thing.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Valerie Joy November 7, 2017 at 12:07 am #

      Good Afternoon Taetske,

      Thank you very much for visiting my website and leaving such a wonderful comment. I can picture a little girl and her Papa in the Garden Centre choosing the right tree to take home to Mama to decorate. I feel sure that each year the chosen tree received much love and gave much pleasure when it was displaying all the decorations adorning it. Then later in the garden. Trees are wonderful and provide all sorts of advantages such as fruit trees, those with beautiful flowers, and others that grow large and provide protection from the rain, if we are in a place where only a tree can assist.

      Birds too are wonderful and having birdhouses in the garden to provide some protection for them is a good thing to do. The bird houses also add beauty to a garden. As you say, the environment is ruining life for birds, and some other animals as well. So, if we do what we can to make their lives more pleasant then I believe we should take steps to do so.

      Thanks again Taetske,


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